The History of The Blasi Family and of Bgroup


Una delle prime macchine irroratrici costruite dalla famiglia Blasi al lavoro.

In the difficult postwar years Michele Blasi, father of Luigi Blasi, begins to make a name for himself among manufacturers and dealers of agricultural machinery in the Apulia Region. Specializing in the production of plows and of spraying machines.

In a short time he becomes one of the most important and well-known dealers in Puglia. After his premature death in 1972, his son Luigi, who was at the time 11 years old,  nowadays President and Founder of Bgroup, together with his family and his staff takes care and responsibility of the inheritance from his father and carries the reins of the company.

1989 Progroup birth

Luigi Blasi alla Fiera Agrilevante di Bari del 1968 (il bambino a destra alla guida del trattore).

In 1989, Luigi Blasi founded Agritalia, in view of setting up a large industrial project trying to acquire a wide variety of companies in the agricultural sector and equipment.

This ambitious project became Projet in 1990 and it was born from the need to have a reality that did not exist then in Italy. Progroup, Bgroup today,was the base for setting up a group with a full-line of products and equipment for agricultural machinery. In the history of its 23 years, the group has completed several important acquisitions with the goal of obtaining a full diversity of agricultural equipment.


01.01.2014 Birth of Bgroup (Blasi group)
After achieving the Industrial Project began with Progroup 24 years before, starting from January 1, 2014 the group renews itself and takes the name of Bgroup, Blasi Group. It incorporates all the companies and brands of the previous Progroup. The new reality is centered around the family of the founder, Luigi Blasi. The family tradition of the Blasis is strongly attached to the world of agriculture and agricultural equipment, and with the birth of BGroup it is becoming more and more a reference point at 360 degrees in the world of agricultural machinery and equipment.
The new group finds itself to have a solid base even in times of crisis, when many well-known companies are in trouble and the inherited dynamism allows BGroup to always think bigger, to innovate and invest, strongly, in the field of agricultural equipment Made-in-Italy.

Una delle prime macchine irroratrici costruite da Michele Blasi nei primi anni '60.

The activity of the group ranges in different sectors, not only in the purely industrial but also in the agriculture one. The Abbate Mansion, founded in 1995, is today one of the most prestigious Italian wine enterprises and produces some of the most important wines in the Italian territory, like the Primitivo and the Negramaro of Manduria. It is the flagship in viticulture and olive growing, but also in the tourism, just as the real estate B&B Invest, which is investing also in the recreational field and sport’ centers.
The spearhead of the group are represented by Bargam and Projet.

  • The establishment of Bargam in Imola – Bologna, is the highest point in the industry of Mounted and Trailed Crop Sprayers in Italy. The famous Gambetti Barre, then Barigelli - Gambetti and then Bargam, for more than 40 years has been producing spraying booms and can be considered one of the most specialized companies in the world in this field. The quality of the offered products empowers even more the wide range of the offer.. 

In February of 2014 Luigi Blasi acquires the totality of Bargam, where he had already owned the 54% of the company starting in 2006. The complete acquisition is an important step for the future of the company and of the whole group that revolves around the figure of Blasi.

  • Bargam has another factory in Jesi – Ancona, Ex Rimeco, where the widest range of Self-Propelled Sprayers in the world are produced with Booms ranging from 12 to 42 meters. The innovative design inside and outside of the cabins, the choice of most modern computers and electronics represent the added value of the Self-Propelled by Bargam. The experience acquired from the time of Barigelli have allowed in the last three years, to be able to think, design, develop and market the Self - Propelled Grape Harvester V-Track. This project has also continued to expand in the realization of the Trailed Grape Harvester which is also Demountable, patented and unique in the world, called the V-Train.
  • The manufacturing plant of Projet Manduria - Taranto designs and produces in its interior all the components necessary for the realization of various products for the brands Projet (Founded in 1990), Oma (Founded in 1960, leader in the Dust Spraying Field and acquired in 1994) , Agricom (founded in 1985 and acquired in 1995) and Protek (founded in 1998).  The realization of components and polyethylene tanks, thanks to an innovative system of rotational molding, the production of components and parts in plastic with the aid of automatic systems of injection molding, production of artifacts by automated carpentry and robotized with the three-dimensional folding tubes machines of the last generation, as well as the robotic system of epoxy painting of the last generation support these seven production and business lines in the world of Spraying, Cultivation, Viticulture, Components, Haymaking and Garden. All of this in the spirit of WINNING GROUP FOR A WORLD OF SOLUTIONS.

  • The Production Site of Socom, in Cingoli - Ancona,  is a leader in the field of carpentry specialized for the Self-Propelled machines. It is the ex factory of  the Barigelli and has the latest technology of laser cutting, bending and welding metal sheets.

The dynamism, the experience and the brave decisions of Luigi Blasi, together with the application of the latest technologies enabled the companies of the Bgroup to be, unanimously, considered to be the undisputed leaders in their various sectors such as in the production of Machinery for Cultivation Protection of plants and crops as well as plastic parts and various accessories.. 

For years, the group has been representing a solid and modern reality, where every day men and women work with commitment and enthusiasm to ensure the customer cutting-edge technology, performance and results; this has always been the winning philosophy of Bgroup and its Management Team ably led by its founder and consisting of valuable and experienced employees who work in great harmony and lead with great skill the company towards the realization of future projects.
The importance of a strong service together with the internal management of all aspects related to logistics and distribution of what is produced, strengthen the potential of BGroup making it one of the first if not the first at national and international level in their sector. In fact, the group is continuing to invest in the expansion of new technologies, electronics, marketing and after-sales service thus offering a 360-degree service to the Customer.

For a company that insists so much on people and continuous technological improvement, the human variable is the real selling point for a company's future, which is bright and convincing.

“I would like to take this opportunity, on the site of our Group, to thank our valuable domestic and international clients who, for more than 24 years, put their trust in the quality and reliability of our products.
Together with them we improved, innovated and evolved.

We are confident that by continuing on this path we will contribute even more to theirs and to our development along the way to take our group to grow even more!”


A winning team for a world of solutions

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